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Introductie van de Freelander


  • A creative IT solutions builder with a business mindset and strong communication skills, has very broad and in some areas very deep technical knowledge and experience. Having performed in various roles, ranging from CTO for start-up and scale-up companies to expert in various technology areas, he has proven to be a highly effective professional, capable of making the difference in complicated projects.Throughout his career, he combined hands on technical work, architecture design, functional analysis and design with operational and managerial tasks, including management of off-shore development teams. He was also often involved in commercial processes, providing support to the process of selling the products he was building. He is very quick to understand new businesses and technologies.With over 15 years of experience in building an advanced search engine for various domains. He can be considered an expert in the field of ‘(text) search technology and natural language processing. This expertise ranges from designing the user experience to detailed technical work.


Ervaring van de Freelander


CTO (Self employed)
  • As the CTO of multi tenant SaaS-product responsible for the software development and technical operations. This includes functional specifications and analysis, technical architecture, co-ordinating all the work and building a development team (partly off-shore). Played an important role in making the software development process more effective by introducing a new back end architecture (multi tenant, micro services, graph database, Scala), and ensuring a stable operational environment. Involved in product development from both a functional and a technical perspective.


Search Relevance Expert (Self employed)
  • As Search Technology Expert for an online employment agency (start-up), looking to connect potential employees to employers. Involved in realising the search technology for matching jobs, candidates and companies.
    Being an expert in the area of search technology, The Search Technology Expert is effective in the part of company’s offering. The work includes requirement analysis, search relevance engineering, search engine configuration (Solr) and integration in the application architecture and infrastructure.


Search Technology Expert (self employed)
  • Provide support to the further development of the legal search engine that he previously worked on. This includes generating ideas for new functionality, technical consultancy and implementation work, in co-operation with the publisher.




  • Beschikbaar: 01 juli 2019 (in overleg)
  • Locatie: Zuid Randstad & Brabant