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  • Product Owner with a solid technical background (MSc Computer Science) and 12+ years of experience in digital product development and leading teams at both corporates and startups.
    Agile advocate, data driven and focused on customer experience and business value. Well-rounded, entrepreneurial, positive mindset, committed, good organizer and always eager to learn. certified Product Owner (PSPO) and Scrum Master (PSM2).


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Product Owner a.i.
  • At an Amsterdam scale-up building a SaaS employee engagement platform that companies like Booking, Accenture, Deloitte and Unilever use so their employees can initiate and join projects where personal meaning and corporate purpose come together.
    Our vision is a world where people go to work not just to get paid, but because their intrinsic motivation aligns with what their employer stands for.As Product Owner my role is to take the platform on its journey from startup to scale-up making it more professional, scalable, and, above all, something our users love and talk about.
    During my time at we designed and implemented a proper metrics framework and improved the user feedback loop with regular customer visits and integrated micro-surveys. Using these tools, I was able to prove that automatically matching users with suitable projects and sending out notifications about this has a huge impact on the apply rate.
    And because the product team was scaling up to 10FTE, many of the team processes got a much needed update.


Product Owner a.i.
  • For a fashion brand founded in 2000 in Amsterdam; and now has spread across 24 countries, with more than €300M revenue per year, through physical stores and online. This company is a vertically integrated company; doing design, production, marketing and retail of its entire fashion collection, including shirts, shoes, bags, and of course suits.My team’s job was to rebuild the ‘endless aisle’ application, used by sales reps in-store to order out-of-stock items for customers, so even the smallest store can sell the full collection in all sizes. The application generates 11% of the company’s total revenue and uses Salesforce Commerce Cloud (aka Demandware) as a foundation. The team, me and 6 others, was partially on- site, partially off-shored.
    As Product Owner my goal was to make this the heart of the omnichannel strategy, blending online and offline into one seamless customer experience.
    The fun thing about this product is that it is used in the stores, allowing me to do usability testing with real users all the time, while simultaneously learning a lot about modern day omnichannel retail.During my time at we went from problem validation and early prototyping to actually getting an MVP version live in the Netherlands and through a couple of iterations loops, steering on KPIs like store conversion and customer satisfaction ratings.




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